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Start with a sketchbook and drawing utensil, (preferably one that is permanent, so that your stuck with what you got and you have to make the best of it) then go to a place in the head where rules don’t exist. Make a line. Horizontal, vertical or anything in between, it doesn’t matter, remember no rules. While in that lovely place in your head where no one can tell you what’s right or wrong, you decide if that line looks like it can become eyelids, or a mouth, a tree branch, vomit, blood, Gandhi, a drowned bird, a dry fish, a flaming igloo etc… if there is any more room on the page, look for some harmony, then rinse and repeat.

Having gone through my sketch books from the past five years I’ve picked my favorite drawings and injected life into in them in the form of acrylic paint. The majority of my paintings are straight out of my head with no intentions of having them be what they have become. That is what fascinates, scares, and humors me with painting and drawing. Heavy influences that started with Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, Salvidor Dali and enough cartoons to fry the eye out of any kid’s head has brought my style to where it is today.

Harnessing my artistic talent to regurgitate my subconscious into physical form is something I have done since I was a small child and will continue to until my over sized head and underdeveloped brain allows me to.

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